Getting back into things…..

Well Hello Big, strange void that is the internet……

I just read a post on a blog that I love, The Wednesday Chef, about writing. Specifically she was referring to that feeling of not having anything to say, and finding that you are not writing, and then it becomes a cycle, and then you face a bigger challenge as the days and months blur together. Write. Just write anything. Pretend (no need in my case) that no one is paying attention and just write something. It reminded me how similar we can be….people…perfect strangers. It reminded me that we face similar struggles and that, perhaps most importantly, that it’s not “just me.”

SO after a very long pause I am going to NOT think, and just post something…. I am going to write this, and thank the Wednesday Chef…because lately I have been thinking a lot about how one would answer the question, “what does your mom do?” When I am someone’s mother, what will they say? Who will they see when they look at me? When I think of my husband and that question directed at him, the answer is clear and immediate: “An artist. A designer. An art director.” I admire that in him; the way these things are woven into his every fiber. He could be nothing but these things. But what has happened to my path? Am I in a place as a result of deliberate direction, or have I just wandered ahead in these past few years, loosing a bit of the original vision I once had for myself with each mile?

There is no time like the present to find the answers to these questions. I can try…and in the spaces in between purpose and question, I can just write. Write something. Write anything. If you do something everyday eventually you will get better at it. 10,000 hours…..


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